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Kubota’s diesel generators are renowned worldwide for their superior reliability and long service life. With a wide range of compact generators available, from 5.5 kVA through to 30kVA, there’s a solution for almost every application.

Residential uses include back up power you can trust for solar and off-grid energy. For commercial businesses, the diesel generators are perfect for food vans, retail premises, pop-up shops and outdoor events.

Mobile contractors (welders, mechanics) & landscapers depend on Kubota diesel generators for power, while all of our premium range can be mine ready with minor after-market additions.

Kubota generators are easy to transport and maintain, safer and quiet to use, so they’re ideal for agriculture and primary producers too.

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KD Series Diesel Generators

2-Pole,  Single-Phase. Kubota’s KD5500 model features two pole and is best suited to small, remote power applications, industrial purposes, hiring and rental, mobile contractors (landscapers, welders, mechanics) and limited residential use.

Locally assembled to suit harsh Australian conditions, this model is powered by the Kubota OC95 engine, renowned worldwide for its high performance and reliability.

Kubota KD5500

GL Series Diesel Generators

2-Pole,  Single-Phase. Get back-up power fast – Kubota’s GL ‘Lowboy’ series III has your back when unexpected power outages hit, or your off-grid solar system lets you down.

Built to withstand Australia’s tough conditions, a compact design and lower noise levels that make it perfect for a wide range of residential and commercial applications.

GL 9000 diesel generator

J Series Diesel Generators

2-Pole,  Single & 3-Phase.  Our J Series adds an extra compact design, extended operating periods on a single tank of fuel and easy movability so that you can use it almost anywhere. The semi-enclosed unit features reduced emissions for a greener, cleaner power solution.

Best suited to construction, agriculture and primary production applications, or as back-up power for solar systems and power outages, when coupled with the optional auto start controller. You can dump a J Series diesel generator down the back paddock (or your worksite, workshop or shearing shed) and leave it to run – no fuss.

Kubota Generators J 112

KJ Series Diesel Generators

4-Pole,  Single & 3-Phase.  The Kubota KJ Series’ heavy-duty four-pole generators are best suited to industrial applications. Built with our world-famous Kubota V3 diesel engines, these generators are in a class of their own.

Use as your primary power source for construction, mining, mobile contractor jobs, hire and rental or agricultural applications like running irrigation pivot sprinklers. Plug straight into your meter box for back-up power you can depend on, every time.

Kubota Generators KJ S240

SQ Series Diesel Generators

4-Pole,  Single & 3-Phase.  The super quiet SQ Series is Kubota’s largest and diesel generator range, giving you incredible power you can rely on, day in, day out. When you need exceptional performance, excellent fuel efficiency and reduced emissions that won’t blink twice at Australia’s harshest conditions, the SQ Series is the premium choice.

The perfect partner for off-grid solar systems with lean battery storage, these heavy-duty, four-pole generators will help you weather any storm.

SQ1150 generator