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kubota power packs

The Kubota power packs are primarily used in irrigation, pumping stations and hydraulic motors.

Kubota’s pre-assembled industrial power pack engines offer significant cost and time savings, providing high power availability, increased operational efficiency and reduced assembly time. Built with quality, world class components, and assembled here at Kubota Australia’s workshop. Kubota power packs are further supported by an a 2 year/2000HR factory warranty, making Kubota power packs the ideal pre-assembled engine solution.

Kubota’s power packs range from 25HP to 96HP.

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  • Compact, Low Noise & environmentally friendly.
  • Covered by a 2 year/2000 factory warranty.
  • Built with world class components.
  • Engines assembled at Kubota Australia, saving installation time and costs.
  • Custom crating protects the assembled engine during transport.
  • Optional additions such as the Deep Sea engine controls – easy operation of the controller.
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Kubota Power Pack Brochure

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