Kubota Utility Vehicles


As the market for utility vehicles in Australia continues to grow at a very high rate several manufacturers are battling to gain a share of this market, often with machines from a common manufacturer and badged with the emblem of the reseller.


  • RTV 400 16HP Petrol 2 Person
  • RTV 500 15.8HP Petrol 2 Person
  • RTV 900 21.6HP Diesel 2 Person
  • RTV 1120 24.8HP Diesel 2 Person with Cabin
  • RTV 1140 24.8HP Diesel 2 or 4 Person
  • RTV 850 48.3HP Diesel 2 Person

The customer base for utility vehicles is wide and varied, with requirements for both petrol and diesel powered machines in compact and larger frame configurations.

For the utility vehicle that takes performance up a gear, get in the driver’s seat of Kubota’s new RTV-XG850 Sidekick.

RTV-XG850 Sidekick

The Sidekick’s quick acceleration and high transport speed (up to 64km/h) come from a powerful 48 HP petrol engine. Equipped with a CVT Plus transmission, this rugged, liquid-cooled engine provides plenty of
torque for astonishingly quick and smooth take-off.

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Kubota Utility Vehicles

In 2005 Kubota Tractor Australia released the RTV900 with outstanding success. In 2008 the RTV1100 was released which is still the only utility vehicle with factory fitted cabin available in Australia.

This year Kubota Tractor Australia introduces two new models of utility vehicle to the Australian market.

The RTV1140 and RTV500 complement the previous models making the Kubota range of utility vehicles one of the most comprehensive available.

The RTV1140 is the latest addition to the diesel powered range of utility 4 wheel drive utility vehicles adding the versatility of a transformable 4 passenger model to the extremely popular 4 wheel drive utility vehicle line up.

Featuring an innovative new transformation system that quickly converts from one to a two row seating configuration, the RTV1140 allows the operator to choose between additional passenger capacity or best in class cargo space depending on the job at hand.

Powered by a Kubota 24.8 horsepower engine driving a three range variable hydrostatic transmission the RTV1140 features 4 wheel hydraulic disc brakes, hydrostatic power steering and hydraulic bed lift as standard.

While the RTV1140 is a continuation on previous models, the RTV500 is a totally new product with many exciting features.

The RTV500 has all the in built comfort, technology and refinement of a larger utility vehicle but is compact enough to be easily transported on a trailer of even fit to the tray of some larger utility type vehicles.

The RTV500 is fitted with a quiet, smooth, reliable high performance electronic fuel-injected(EFI) Kubota petrol engine. Unlike other petrol powered utility vehicles where the engine requires constant throttle adjustments to maintain RPM levels, the Kubota GZ460 engine features a liquid cooled, twin cylinder design that ensures constant power delivery throughout it’s power band. The EFI improves engine performance by providing quick, easy starts, even in the most severe weather conditions, as well as on demand power, excellent acceleration and eliminates the need to make carburettor adjustments.

Kubota’s new exclusive “VHT plus” variable hydrostatic transmission is fitted to the RTV500 thereby eliminating the need to adjust belts and provides smooth transmission assisted braking and excellent hill holding capability.

Weighing a modest 580kg the RTV500 can handle up to 200kg in it’s durable, metal, dumping cargo box and is capable of towing up to 500kgs.

Both RTV models are designed to ensure comfort and safety. The durable bench seats are roomy and comfortable and the dash layout is simple and easy to navigate. A flat floor, even in the RTV1140 rear seat area, provides lots of unobstructed legroom. The standard integrated Roll-Over Protective Structures meet OSHA standards of roll over protection and seat belts are standard.

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