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18HP – 31HP

BX Series – BX1880/BX2380/BX2680/BX23S:

Start with the strength and versatility of a compact Kubota utility tractor, blend them with the agile handling of a 4WD and the feel of a garden tractor, add new upgraded features, then reinforce the end product with incomparable reliability and you’ve got the Kubota BX Series!

Sleek and practical in their design, the Kubota BX Series tractors combine power, comfort and versatility to handle jobs of any nature.
Whether that is mowing the lawn, carting small hay bales, or giving the property and entire makeover, these machines get the job done.

There are 4 models in the BX series ranging from 18 to 26 horsepower complete with 2 range hydrostatic transmission. These tractors come complete with a range of easy to attach and detach attachments. This also includes the BX23SLB’s purpose built front end loader and backhoe built to convert to a lawn mowing unit without the use of any tools.

The BX Series tractors now come with exciting new features including reclining deluxe seat, tilt steering wheel, cruise control, spacious operator area, hydraulic power steering, cup holder, hand rail and plenty more. The feature attracting the most attention and one of the reason why Kubota’s BX Series is so popular Is the NEW easy over 54” and 60” mower decks, this new easy over feature enables a quicker and easier process for attaching and removing your mower deck.

Best but not least is the price of these versatile tractors. Within recently reduced pricing, ranging from $16,333 inc GST for the BX1880, you won’t want to miss your opportunity to transform your yard into a showpiece garden!

B01 Series – B2301/B2601:

With the BX Series in the main spotlight, let’s not turn away from the B2301 and the B2601 Diesel compact tractors so quickly. The B01 series along with the BX series provide versatility, comfort and efficiency for the utmost productivity for the all day, everyday tasks.

With similar features including the optional extras of a backhoe, front end loader and drive over mower deck, the B01 series is as reliable and equally as great as it’s little brother the BX Series.

With 3 range hydrostatic transmission, enabling speeds varying from Low, Med and High, the B01 series lets you find the ideal speed to suit your task for the outstanding productivity it is designed to deliver.

With it’s Powerful category 1, 3-point hitch, the B01 series can accept a variety of implements for all your varying needs, the hitch can handle rotary tillers, box blades, finishing mowers and more. With many more additional and exciting features, the B01 series won’t let you down.

B50 Series – B3150 Tractor:

The big brother to the BX series and the B01 series, the B3150 has what it takes to beat the bullies. With a 4-cylinder, powerful diesel engine the B50 Series is yet to disappoint!

Complete with 3 range hydrostatic transmission, independent PTO, hydraulic power steering, cruise control and more. The B50 Series comes with power, comfort, user friendly operation and outstanding productivity, it is capable of delivering the fantastic durability and reliability you demand for a wide range of jobs.

The B50 comes with a few extras it’s little brothers don’t have, including a new integrated CAB design providing space, better visibility, dust resistant and a quiet interior. Making the work load a little less noisy and comfortable throughout all seasons.

The Kubota B50 Series along with the BX Series and B01 Series all provide reliability, comfort, productivity and outstanding performance for a wide range of jobs big or small.
The Kubota B series family of tractors are all designed to the best of our ability to help provide you with the right tractor for the variable demand of your job/lifestyle needs.

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