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50HP – 170HP

What you thought was impossible in a mid-size tractor is now …


Sales of Kubota M Series tractors ranging from 50 to 170 horsepower are on the rise. In fact, the company is reporting impressive sales growth within this market segment on a monthly and yearly basis.

kubotamseriesAccording to Kubota Australia’s M series Product Manager, Lars Pasedag, the increasing popularity of Kubota M series is due to a number of factors. “As more farmers experience the reliability and performance of Kubota tractors, a large number of sales are made based on word of mouth recommendations. Combined with an ever increasing tractor range incorporating the latest in engine and transmission advancements, Kubota tractors are now high up on the shopping list. Also, Kubota dealers are eager to recommend and sell Kubota M series tractors because they are secure in the knowledge the tractors are pretty much bullet proof.” Lars said.

The extensive range of Kubota M series begins with the value for money 50 horsepower MX5100 and progressively works through a number of series and configurations culminating in the top of the range 170 horsepower M7171.

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Featuring a 4-cylinder Kubota direct injection diesel engine with waste-gate turbo charger, the M125X is favoured by farmers and contractors who require a top performer. With outstanding lugging ability even in the most demanding of conditions, the M125X handles drawbar applications extremely well. Another two 105 and 95 horsepower 4 cylinder M-X powershift models are also available, with all three models incorporating Kubota’s Intelli Power Shift transmission with eight clutch less on the move changes within both high and low range.

Moving to the high performance 95 and 105 horsepower MS series, the transmission changes to a 32 speed manual version with hydraulic forward/reverse and dual speed. Fitted with Kubota’s new centre direct injection V3800 engine with four valves per cylinder, the MS models exhibit superior levels of performance and fuel economy.

Next in line is the new M40 series high end utility tractor range.

They allow customers access to a number of class leading engineering advancements not found on many tractors in this class. Comprising 95, 85, 70 and 60 horsepower models the M40 series tractors have a striking appearance that commands attention, deliver on all levels and are the ideal all rounder tractor.

M9540 and M8540 hydraulic shuttle models have 18 forward and 18 reverse speeds while the M6040 and M7040 have 12 forward and 12 reverse speeds. The main shift allows the operator to shift “on the fly” making operation extremely smooth. Engineered to produce superior pulling power, maximum performance and smoother operation, shifting between forward and reverse is seamless and smooth.

All M40 series feature Kubota’s Ultra Grand Cab with curved glass and more headroom for improved operator visibility and mobility. Exceptional manouevrability is achieved by models M7040, M8540 and M9540 due to a bevel-gear front axle featuring a 55-degree turning radius. Non cab models are also available.

With an ever strengthening farm tractor line up Kubota Australia is poised to make further inroads into the 50 to 170 horsepower tractor market segment. ”With the current level of sales momentum showing no signs of slowing we are tracking towards a higher position in the market place as is the case in the USA and Canada“ Lars said.

M5 Series

You can depend on the M5001 Series Standard Model tractors for outstanding performance and year-round comfort. The performance begins with a reliable and efficient Kubota engine that can power through even the toughest tasks with ease and speed. There’s plenty of power for PTO-driven implements,
as well as convenient electronic speed control to keep those implements operating at optimum efficiency. A fully synchronized transmission and an advanced hydraulic shuttle for shifting between forward and reverse simplifies tractor operations.

The comfort starts with a spacious all-glass cabin that offers excellent visibility out all sides and super-wide doors on both sides for easy entry and exit. Add a soft and comfy deluxe seat and ergonomically placed controls, and you’ll enjoy all- day comfort that lasts until the job is done.

The M5001 Series truly is the smart choice for all types of field work.

To work in the confines of orchards and vineyards, you need a special kind of tractor, one that’s narrow, with high ground clearance and excellent stability. The M5001N Series are just that kind of tractor. Just 48” wide, the M5001N Series can go where standard-width tractors can’t, letting you work with spreaders, sprayers, trimmers, leaf removers, and more in the tight spaces between rows of trees and vines. The ability to turn tightly from one row to the next ensures the productivity you expect.

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